Lexi is well loved and spoilt, the vets say she is in excellent condition. She loves children and is very gentle with babies, she also gets along with cats once they are used to each other.
Lexi can be a bit aggressive towards other dogs, however only seems to be a protective thing with her owner; if she is introduced correctly she seems fine.
Lexi loves to play fetch with her ball or tug-of-war with her rope, she also loves to swim.  She would best suit a family home with a colourbond fence or with intensive training to stay within her boundaries. She is a fast learner, very intelligent and an excellent guard dog when she needs to be. Lexi can Sit, Stay, Shake, High five, and walk on a lead, she also can be on a walk with no lead and stay by your side.
Lexi came from the RSPCA as a puppy so her past is unknown however we feel she may have been abused, she doesn’t like it when men yell at her or if her collar is grabbed to be dragged she just becomes a flop. Lexi is also extremely sensitive to storms particularly thunderstorms, she shakes, pants and won’t leave your side. Unfortunately Lexi can climb a paling fence so has to be on a chain when left alone.
Interested? Please contact Pam on 0421017461.