Mahnee is a 3.5 yr old American Staffy – desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

She gets along great with other dogs. Grew up around an English staffy and red nose pit bull both females.

Always taken to dog parks and the beach and never been any incidents.

She is not a barker unless she hears something that is new. Has a great protective growl but all noise.

She has always been an inside dog but has no problem being outside.

Extremely snuggly… Loves to be around people. Follows you everywhere. BIG sook.

Dislikes her nails being cut (always had professionals do it). Dislikes pools but loves the beach.

Never had much to do with kids but the occasions that she has she has been fine ( Preferably older kids that understand NO ).

She really is a beautiful dog and deserves a loving home where people have got time to spend with her.

Contact Leonie on 0417184022.