Thank you George!

I don’t suppose many people know who George Liddle is. He is a man who loved his dog so much that when George moved to age care his little dog named Butch was not allowed to stay in George’s room overnight. FoP volunteer Jean offered to pick Butch up every evening and return him to George each morning so that George and Butch could spend their days together, Jean did this for two years until the time came when Butch was too sick to go on.

George never forgot Jean’s generosity and five years ago when we were looking for a Santa, George became a volunteer. He was not a well man who had difficulty in walking and standing, and it was uncomfortable for him to sit for three hours, but he did more than his share of shifts, receiving the enjoyment of being with the dogs that sat with him while they had their photo taken with Santa. Alas, after five years George has retired, his body wracked with pain and he has hung up his red suit.

George we will miss you.