A Christmas Message from Topsy

Hello, my name is Topsy. I was living at the pound where I was worried and sad as I did not know what would happen to me. Then one day a lady came to the pound. She said hello to me and it was love at first sight and she gave me my name straight away. I am Topsy and my Mum is Annie. I could not wait to go to my new home. It was so exciting. At long last, I had someone who loved me and I had someone to love.

Mum and I go into town for coffee every week and I have a great time. We sit outside the café so I can say hello to all of the people and the children. Sometimes a person is in a wheelchair, or sometimes it is a baby in a pram so Annie picks me up so I can say hello and I get a big smile in return. I know so many people but I do have some special friends. I see them in the distance so I am ready for my hugs. It is so good. I seem to make people happy. I wish you could see their faces and how they smile.

Sometimes Mum goes into town without me and everyone asks “Where is Topsy?”  Mum and I go for walks at home and I have a special long lead so that I can have a wander around and smell the flowers. When we are out walking we meet other dogs who I play with and, of course, we meet people and I say hello. I always give Mum a hug before we go on our walk and again when we come home. Sometimes I am naughty and run out when the door opens but I am going to see my neighbours across the way. We sometimes play tug of war with my teddy. It is fun.

Oh, what a life! I am so lucky that Annie came to the pound all those years ago and took me home to be her dog. THANK YOU ANNIE.

This is me in a recent photo where I was all dressed up to bring the people of Murwillumbah some Christmas cheer – I got so many smiles and hugs that day! I wish everybody reading my story a wonderful Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.