Manxy (Adopted)

Manxy (Adopted)

Manxy is our adorable Tabby Manx girl.

She’s four years young and loves showing  off her zoomies skills. She’s a talkative little dear with a quirky, playful personality to suit. Manxy enjoys cuddling up with you at night and will happily spend all night snoozing at the foot of your bed. She loves being around people and she enjoys lots of attention.

She is looking for a human best friend.The little miss is used to being around other cats and doesn’t mind their company but she does enjoy her alone time as well. She is not suitable for a home with young children as their loud energy unsettles her.

She’s very affectionate and loves, loves, loves cuddles.

If you’re interested in meeting her please apply on line or contact Vrinni on 0431 406 323 to arrange an introduction.

Interested? Call our Dog Co-ordinator Pam on .