The benefits of adopting an animal

Buying a rescue animal saves a life.

You can meet and get to know your animal before you commit to purchase it. Arrange to bring your current dog to meet the new one or take a cat or dog on trial. You will take home a new member of your family that will love you all unconditionally.

You can get a pet from Friends of the Pound that has already been through the destructive and time-consuming puppy or kitten stage. This can often be better with young children, to get an older pet that doesn’t jump up, scratch or have sharp teeth. Many dogs have already had some training and socialisation.

Many mixed breed dogs have less problems with their health than purebreds. Although we do get many purebred dogs in the pound and in foster care as well.

A rescue pet always seems to know that you have been their saviour, and can repay you tenfold with their loyalty.