Coffee started life living in a car due to the no-pet-policy in rentals. After some time living in the car, Shirley and Neville offered to care for him until the owners could find a pet-friendly home, then Coffee would be returned. This did not happen, and Shirley and Neville found that they were caring for a young playful cat that they believed would be better off with someone younger and someone who had children, as Coffee just loved to play! Shirley and Neville came to Friends of the Pound to surrender this lovely cat so that he could have a life with a younger person. After a few months, in conjunction with Pet Rescue, Coffee found his forever home with Bridgid. As you can see, both Bridgid and Coffee are very happy in each others company, here is a letter she wrote to us:

Dear Sonia,

I just wanted to send you a quick to note sincerely thank you, Shirley, Neville and Friends of the Pound for helping me to find and adopt Coffee. I am pleased to say that he is settling in really well. We have lots of cuddles and head scratches. He flops in front of me or my Dad when he wants cuddles. He has jumped up on my lap as well to have pats. He loved to play soccer at his foster parents and had his soccer mojo back today, we had a lovely time playing with his toy soccer balls, cat wand and string. He also loves the cardboard box I found him! He runs as fast as he can to make it slide while he’s inside it. Coffee really is such a delight and I look forward to many happy years together.

I really can’t express how happy this has made me after Fanta passing away in February, I was devastated. I now feel like I have a permanent smile on my face, my mother says that there is a light in my eyes again. I am sure that Coffee is starting to care for me too. As for me, I already love him. Thank you again for the wonderful work you do and precious gift I’ve been trusted to care for.