Can YOU foster a cat?

The qualities of a good fosterer are: patience, understanding, and unconditional love.

Older people can make excellent foster parents; so if an older person has resisted getting a cat because they are worried that it may outlive them, then fostering could be the answer.

People who take several holidays in the year often resist getting a cat as a result. However, short-term fostering can work well in such situations.

People who find it hard to cope with the grief when a pet dies may decide not to have pets for that reason. Fostering allows you to enjoy the company of cats again, but without the grief of bereavement.

Please register your interest immediately by contacting:
FoP Rehoming Centre: 07 5524 8590 or
FoP Cat Coordinator, Sonia: m: 0439 766 243 or t: 07 5590 7284.