Our Desexing Vouchers Are Now Online!
As part of our commitment to our community to assist in reducing the unwanted number of dog and cat litters in the Tweed Shire, Friends of the Pound (Tweed) Inc. for some time now have offered a subsidised desexing program to those in our community that can least afford the often expensive operation.
Desexing has many benefits for the dogs and cats who are covered by our program too.
Apart from reducing the numbers of unwanted pets, desexing delivers health benefits such as reduction in diseases of reproductive organs, reduction in exhaustion for females who are in some cases continually bred, plus desexed animals live generally longer and healthier lives.
Desexing also has benefits for animal behaviour which assists in reducing the animal wandering to find a mate or to protect territory, and thereby reduces loss and injury.
Animals who are desexed become generally more sociable and affectionate and make better companions to their human carers.
Most of all desexing averts the tragedy of having unwanted litters which are then either sold, given away, abandoned or worse. Many of these outcomes serve to perpetuate the cycle of breeding of unwanted animals which, with some awareness and assistance with programs such as ours, is an avoidable circumstance.
Finally, the cost to the community of managing the numbers of unwanted litters through pounds and shelters is greatly reduced. It’s been said that a single pair of cats and their kittens can produce as many as 420,000 kittens in just 7 years!

Check out our Desexing Program page to see if you qualify – you can register online and one of our lovely volunteers will contact you to arrange your appointment.

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