Our family was lucky to receive a beautiful kitten 10 years ago from Friends of the Pound. Our son Jaden is an avid animal lover and fell in love with the little black and white kitten. We had to be approved to adopt and as Jaden was 9 years old he was counselled on the responsibilities and long term commitment to looking after a cat. We were told that the kitten was a few weeks old when it was rescued from underneath a house at Tumbulgum being attacked by dogs, and handed over to Friends of the Pound. Our son Jaden named her Rose and she has been a much loved cat by the family, and very friendly to visitors. Jaden has smothered her with so much love and attention, and even though she may want to get away she has never struck out at him in a dangerous way. She has been the best cat and Jaden’s best friend for 10 years. Thank you Friends of the Pound for entrusting us with a beautiful bundle of love!