Turtle & Blackie

Turtle is the Mum and Blackie the Son, both have been together since 2007 when Blackie came into the world. What’s that you say, why would we worry about these two old cats, well we do. Turtle and Blackie had the misfortune of being surrendered to the Tweed Shire Pound, both fairly timid cats, the gods must have been smiling when it was their turn to be vet checked. It was soon realised that these two would do better in foster care, they were released into FoP’s care where their journey continued. They had four different foster homes in their 493 days with FoP, it looked like they would be permanent foster cats until Linley came looking for a pair of cats. Lynley chose Turtle & Blackie, Lynley wrote:

They are settling in great! Turtle is actually really coming outside of her shell, She uses the scratching post and plays a lot with the toys that they have. If there is a loud noise Blackie (now called Darthy) will hide but Turtle will stay calm. She also really enjoys sitting in the bathroom sink. Blackie is more confident in other ways and is also very vocal and loves to talk. They are both come up to my flatmates and I and when they hear me coming home at night they will come up to the door to greet me. They have both started sitting on my lap for short periods of time and often come in and jump up on my bed.